Audio And LED Lights Upgrade On a Semi Truck!

How's it goin everyone Gatlin from Carphonix. Thanks for watching! Did you know we do semis? Yeah we do semis! Today we've got something a little different - a Kenworth T800 semi. We're installing a new set of lights in it and giving it a truck audio systems installation for a major boost in sound. You'll see the difference between the old incandescent bulb they have and the LED lights - it makes a huge difference. I'll show ya the equipment we use to hook it all up and what the finished install looks like. Truckers spend a lot of time in their trucks so a lot of 'em like to have a nice car stereo in there to listen to music or audio books or whatever they like to hear on those long trips. We give this truck's stereo a major kick in the ass and it sounds great. Take a looksee: (If the player doesn't work click here for the video) Give Carphonix A Shout We can work on anything from motorcycles and ATVs to semis and everything in between. If you've got a car electronics project you want to work on give us a shout. Here's how: Address:Carphonix Car Audio London 663 Wellington Road Unit 3 London Ontario N6C 4R4 519-686-5555 Ciao everyone see ya next time! Discover additional info on cars upgrades electronics and mods at: London Car Stereo Installations