Back From Vacation! Car Audio Installs On A Ford Fusion And A Toyota Scion

Hey everyone, it's Gatlin from Carphonix. Feelin' good after making this video. I just got back from the Dominican, tanned and refreshed and ready to get back at 'er.

We've got a couple of projects in this video. First a car sound installation on a Ford Fusion - a new set of speakers. Then we're going to upgrade a Toyota Scion with a new stereo. I'll show you the entire process of pulling out his old deck and installing a new one.

Buddy with the Fusion has been coming to see us for a while - he bought a lot of his stuff back when our shop was in Ingersoll.

At the end I'm going to include a few photos of Ashly and I in the Dominican just to make y'all jealous a bit!

Check it out below:

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