Car System Installations: CB Radio On A Jeep And More

Hey guys, Gatlin here from Carphonix, and today we're working on a bunch of different car system installations.

First off we've got a Jeep that we're installing a CB radio in. We don't do a whole lot of CB installs because it's not as popular as heated seats and car audio, but they're still fun. We'll show you the installation, co-starring your friendly neighbourhood installer Damien.

You guys also requested some videos other than car audio stuff, so I wanted to show you some of the other work we do. We don't do mechanical work - that's not our business (though I do some of my own mechanical work on my vehicles) but we do a lot more than just car audio. I'll show you more about what we can do.

We're also going to peer into a Delica that came in recently. It's not my Delica, but someone else's. We'll take a look at how they engineered these things (they put way more into it than I think they needed) and show you what we're doing.

Anyway, check it out below.

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