Cheap Car Alarm Security Systems And Electronics Gear Is Garbage! Here’s Why

Hey y'all, Gatlin from Carphonix here. Have you ever bought anything off of Ebay because it was cheap, and then when it got to your house you realized it was only cheap because it sucked?

That happens with car electronics gear A LOT. Whether you’re buying car audio equipment, a car alarm security system, a remote car starter, or any other piece of car electronic equipment, it doesn’t matter. You get what you pay for.

Check out this video to find out why.

This Altima came into the shop back in July 2013. Buddy bought a $200 deck from China because it seemed like a great deal. And if the thing worked, it would have been.

But check it out. First off, the deck doesn’t fit into the dash properly, so the CD deck wouldn’t even open. They’re made for Chinese cars sold in China and don’t fit Canadian dashes.

The music also cuts out when you use the dash cam, which is kind of weird. And the camera is pretty low quality so you might have trouble seeing the stuff you don’t want to hit.

Talk To A Car Electronics Expert

If you’re going to go to all the trouble of installing new equipment into your car, why not make sure it’s actually good quality stuff that works properly? These days you get what you pay for when it comes to this stuff.

You’re going to have to bring your car to us anyway once you realize the gear sucks and it doesn’t work properly. So why not save yourself the trouble and the money and come talk to us first?

Give us a shout at 519-686-5555 and let’s talk! You can also stop by the shop.

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