Custom In-Car Electronics Installation On A 2003 Corvette

Hi everyone, Gatlin here from Carphonix.

If you’ve watched my other videos recently, you may have seen a pretty sexy Corvette sitting in the background. I’ve been working on this one for a while and we’ve done some pretty cool stuff to it.

It’s a 2003 owned by a good friend of mine who inherited it from his dad after he passed away. We added some killer new custom in-car electronics installed in this bad boy. It looks pretty dusty right now but when it’s clean it’s damn sexy.

We added a new 240 amp alternator to the engine. We also upgraded all the power cabling going from the alternator to the battery.

The battery, meanwhile, was replaced with a Shuriken power cell, and added all sorts of nice little details to make sure the entire electronics system works as efficiently as possible. You’ll see more about it in the video.

You’ll also see a custom dash kit installed, some new speakers, and a whole lot more. Just watch the video and you’ll see!

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