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JL Stealth Box Truck Sound Installation

How's it goin everyone, Gatlin from Carphonix. After my standard weather report and grumbling today, I want to show you guys this super clean absolutely mint GMC 4x4 truck. A few episodes back we did a 4 channel amp installation, and this guy's back for more truck and car sound installations.

This time we're going to do some upgrades to this bad boy to make the audio even sexier using a JL StealthBox, a centre console replacement unit under which we're hiding the woofer.

I've finally got some cool tunes to play on our videos too that we don't need to worry about copyright infringement too (FINALLY!)

Take a look and let me know whatcha think!

(If the player doesn't work click here for the video)

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Audio And LED Lights Upgrade On a Semi Truck!

How's it goin everyone Gatlin from Carphonix. Thanks for watching! Did you know we do semis? Yeah we do semis! Today we've got something a little different - a Kenworth T800 semi. We're installing a new set of lights in it and giving it a truck audio systems installation for a major boost in sound. You'll see the difference between the old incandescent bulb they have and the LED lights - it makes a huge difference. I'll show ya the equipment we use to hook it all up and what the finished install looks like. Truckers spend a lot of time in their trucks so a lot of 'em like to have a nice car stereo in there to listen to music or audio books or whatever they like to hear on those long trips. We give this truck's stereo a major kick in the ass and it sounds great. Take a looksee: (If the player doesn't work click here for the video) Give Carphonix A Shout We can work on anything from motorcycles and ATVs to semis and everything in between. If you've got a car electronics project you want to work on give us a shout. Here's how: Address:Carphonix Car Audio London 663 Wellington Road Unit 3 London Ontario N6C 4R4 519-686-5555 Ciao everyone see ya next time! Discover additional info on cars upgrades electronics and mods at: London Car Stereo Installations

How To Clean Your Headlights For Less Than 30 Bucks

What's goin on everyone, Gatlin here from Carphonix.

I've got a Sunfire that I purchased myself as a project vehicle, and wanted to show you how to polish your headlights.

Yeah I know it's got nothing to do with car audio or remote car starter installations like we usually talk about, but hey I don't have to always sell ya on the work we do do I? Sometimes I can just give ya a useful tip to use at home, can't I?

Anyway this was useful for me to learn this stuff, so hopefully it helps you too.

I used the 3M Headlight Restoration System which you can grab from Carquest, or Crappy Tire, or pretty much anywhere - it's about 30 bucks and comes with just about everything you need.

Other than that, all you need is a spray bottle full of soapy water, a drill, and some tape to protect the paint around the edge of your lights.

Check it out below:

Equipment Used:

- 3M Headlight Restoration System (about $30)

- A drill

- Some masking tape

- A spray bottle full of soapy water

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A Whole Bunch Of Car Installations: An Austin Mini, A Mitsubishi Lancer, A Dodge Ram, And More

Good morning my internet people! Your pal Gatlin here from Carphonix.

Here's what we've got going on in the world of car installations - a Dodge Ram, an Austin Mini, and a 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer. So check it out.

The Lancer's got some decent equipment in it - a Pioneer 800 watt amp, a pair of JBL 10 inch woofers, but it’s got what we call a buddy install. That means the owner’s buddy installed his stuff but he didn't know what the hell he was doing so all this great equipment didn't sound as good as it should. Check out the nightmare we find under the hood!

The Mini is so sick, it came from England to Japan then Canada, so it's been everywhere. The guys are diving into it to convert it from right hand drive to left hand drive. Hint: there's tons of stuff we need to tear out.

As for the Ram, we're installing a backup camera in that bad boy. Check it all out below:

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How To Pick Up Canadian Radio Stations On A Japanese Car

Good morning y'all, it's Gatlin from Carphonix, and I still hate the snow. This video was from the middle of March and I'm glad the weather's better now.

Anyway I wanted to show ya something cool today to do with car radios. We're going to head upstairs today, which ya don't get to see too often so watch carefully! I'll show you some speaker adapter plugs and tell you why they're so important for your install. Newbies don't think of this and it can cause a lot of problems especially if you want to sell your car later on. You can save yourself a boatload of money and time knowing this stuff!

Then I'll show you how to install an "FM Transmitter Thing".

What's that? Well when you import a Japanese car, I guess their radio stations work differently than they do here, so you can't pick up Canadian radio stations. The FM Transmitter Thing lets you get Canadian signals in a Japanese radio.

Check out this video to see how it works:

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Back From Vacation! Car Audio Installs On A Ford Fusion And A Toyota Scion

Hey everyone, it's Gatlin from Carphonix. Feelin' good after making this video. I just got back from the Dominican, tanned and refreshed and ready to get back at 'er.

We've got a couple of projects in this video. First a car sound installation on a Ford Fusion - a new set of speakers. Then we're going to upgrade a Toyota Scion with a new stereo. I'll show you the entire process of pulling out his old deck and installing a new one.

Buddy with the Fusion has been coming to see us for a while - he bought a lot of his stuff back when our shop was in Ingersoll.

At the end I'm going to include a few photos of Ashly and I in the Dominican just to make y'all jealous a bit!

Check it out below:

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Car System Installations: CB Radio On A Jeep And More

Hey guys, Gatlin here from Carphonix, and today we're working on a bunch of different car system installations.

First off we've got a Jeep that we're installing a CB radio in. We don't do a whole lot of CB installs because it's not as popular as heated seats and car audio, but they're still fun. We'll show you the installation, co-starring your friendly neighbourhood installer Damien.

You guys also requested some videos other than car audio stuff, so I wanted to show you some of the other work we do. We don't do mechanical work - that's not our business (though I do some of my own mechanical work on my vehicles) but we do a lot more than just car audio. I'll show you more about what we can do.

We're also going to peer into a Delica that came in recently. It's not my Delica, but someone else's. We'll take a look at how they engineered these things (they put way more into it than I think they needed) and show you what we're doing.

Anyway, check it out below.

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Cheap Car Alarm Security Systems And Electronics Gear Is Garbage! Here’s Why

Hey y'all, Gatlin from Carphonix here. Have you ever bought anything off of Ebay because it was cheap, and then when it got to your house you realized it was only cheap because it sucked?

That happens with car electronics gear A LOT. Whether you’re buying car audio equipment, a car alarm security system, a remote car starter, or any other piece of car electronic equipment, it doesn’t matter. You get what you pay for.

Check out this video to find out why.

This Altima came into the shop back in July 2013. Buddy bought a $200 deck from China because it seemed like a great deal. And if the thing worked, it would have been.

But check it out. First off, the deck doesn’t fit into the dash properly, so the CD deck wouldn’t even open. They’re made for Chinese cars sold in China and don’t fit Canadian dashes.

The music also cuts out when you use the dash cam, which is kind of weird. And the camera is pretty low quality so you might have trouble seeing the stuff you don’t want to hit.

Talk To A Car Electronics Expert

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You’re going to have to bring your car to us anyway once you realize the gear sucks and it doesn’t work properly. So why not save yourself the trouble and the money and come talk to us first?

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In-Car Computer Video Installation In A 2008 Honda Civic SI

Hi folks, Gatlin from Carphonix here. It’s time for something a little old school!

Back in November 2013, I installed a set of halo lights into this 2008 Honda Civic SI. Pretty standard stuff.

What was cool about this install, though, is that the car’s owner was a computer genius. He had an in-car computer system installed right in his dash.

I know it’s not as surprising to see in 2017, but when he showed me this I was floored. It had some pretty cool features, like a performance monitor to measure acceleration, power, and torque, fuel consumption, engine temperatures, and a whole lot more. It’s also got a car video player built into the OS.

His install is a little sloppy, but I’ve seen a whole lot worse! It’s still a damn cool piece of equipment for the time, and even today.

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In-Car Electronics System Installation: LED Lights On A Truck Tailgate

Hey guys, Gatlin here from Carphonix.

We love car audio here, but that’s not all we do. We specialize in all different types of in-car electronics system installations. In this case, we installed a set of LED lights on a Chevrolet truck.

In this video you can see how the lights work with the braking system. They don’t just look nice, they’re functional too!

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